All Paws Go 2 Heaven*

                                                                        *Beaks, Claws and Hooves too.

All Paws Go 2 Heaven has been founded to be the best full service funeral home and pet life celebration center in the Delaware Valley.  We are here to assist  families in a caring and dignified manner when a pet dies. We promote healing as we provide professional services and quality merchandise.

A family can feel the loss of a beloved pet just as they would any other member of the family. That is because of the unconditional love that your pet provides.  At All Paws Go 2 Heaven we are ourselves “Animal Lovers”. Being owned and operated by “Animal Lovers” gives you the grieving pet parent the option of having such a company handle your pet individually with love and dignity. Thereby providing the same options that are available at any fine funeral home for a human family member.

All Paws Go 2 Heaven is here to fulfill your needs as a grieving pet owner.  We will present to you various choices of services and options that we have available to you.  Some will prefer to just call us and handle arrangements over the telephone and not come into our facility.  Others will choose to come to the funeral home in advance or at the time of need.  That is your choice.  We can even come to you if you so choose.  Whichever you choose, All Paws Go 2 Heaven will assist you step by step through the planning process.

Our website has been created with you in mind. So take your time and look around.  You can begin by reading “Our Pledge To You”and see how we are different from typical “animal removal services” which up until now was the only choice veterinarians had to offer their clientele.  We look forward to serving your needs and Thank You for putting your trust in All Paws Go 2 Heaven Pet Life Celebration Center.

Pet Life Celebration Center


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                John C. Gaither

   Licensed Funeral Director/Manager